Reiki Room SD | meet the team
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meet the team

About Our Team


We are members of The San Diego Reiki Corps®, National Academy of Sports Medicine® and International Association of Reiki Professionals®. We specialize in Usui Reiki Healing, Angel Therapy and Fitness Coaching.


Located in San Diego, California and creators of the annual Love & Light Public Market – Reiki Room San Diego aims to create community and awareness of higher consciousness and well being.

Melanie Esperon

Founder + Owner of Reiki Room San Diego


Melanie Esperon was born as a natural Clairvoyant. She thought everyone saw as she did but quickly realized that she was a tad different. With that, she remained quiet and went along with the crowd.


In her 20’s, she lived through a forseen tragedy of her love passing away where she was brought to a place of deep struggle and the only route left was to rise. Inevitably, she was drawn back into her most authentic self. Open Channel. Healer. Guide.


She trained extensively under the wings of public figures such as: Doreen Virtue of Hay House, Joy Guerrero of Angel Talk Café and many more. In her own words, “My highest teachers have been the books I read, the emotions that stick and the synchronicities of people and events that I cannot seem to justify as a coincidence.”

She immersed herself whole heartedly into the world of (w)holistics where she believes that true healing can only occur with the alignment of mind, body and soul. Through countless validations, Reiki Room San Diego was born.


Melanie and the Reiki Room Team had spent nearly 10 years of service channeling for and training clients around the globe. With the mixture of intuition, reiki, and meditation they were able to resonate with people from all walks of life. Paying it forward took forefront in their work and majority of their rewards flowed back outward to the community.


Join Melanie and the Reiki Room Team as they continue to guide you to the most sacred space within where they believe the light truly resides.


Know yourself. Know love.

Meet the Team

Michelle Esperon Santos


Specializes in Reiki for Kids

Jordan King


Specializes in Sports Medicine

Jaylon King


Specializes in Personal Training + Reiki